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Stoked to Serve

Stoked to Serve

New York, NEW YORK (JULY 26, 2011) – Stoked has launched Stoked to Serve: Summer 2011 sponsored by the Quiksilver Foundation. This summer, Stoked and the Quiksilver Foundation are mobilizing youth from all five boroughs of New York City to engage in community service projects, helping to clean up and rehabilitate New York City parks and waterfronts.  Stoked to Serve connects youth to their communities through service projects that improve the urban environment, such as cleaning parks and beaches or restoring community gardens. The citywide initiative offers incentives when service projects are completed, and is open to all youth who wish to participate.

As sponsor of Stoked to Serve: Summer 2011, the Quiksilver Foundation is supporting the expansion of the program to all five boroughs of New York City. Additionally, the Quiksilver Foundation is incentivizing youth in the program with unique experiences around the Quiksilver Pro New York, the first-ever ASP World Championship Tour stop on the East Coast of the United States from September1-15, 2011.

“Stoked to Serve teaches youth the importance of taking care of the resources that are provided to them by their communities,” said Founder & President Steve Larosiliere. “Action sports are all about community. The Quiksilver Pro offers the unique opportunity for us to reinforce this aspect of action sports to youth in New York City.”

Stoked is hosting ten Stoked to Serve days throughout July and August leading up to the Quicksilver Pro in September. In partnerships with eleven local community partners, Stoked will engage at least 50 youth from each borough in Stoked to Serve. Youth who volunteer at two Stoked to Serve days will be rewarded with a trip to the Quiksilver Pro New York hosted by Stoked. At each service day, there will be product giveaways for youth. By the end of the summer, Stoked intends to engage 250 youth in 500 hours community service.

“The Quiksilver Foundation could not be more excited to be a part of Stoked to Serve: Summer 2011,” commented Ryan Ashton, Director of the Quiksilver Foundation. “The program truly exemplifies what we are all about and provides Quiksilver with an opportunity to give back to the New York community leading up to the Quiksilver Pro in September.”

Stoked uses its knowledge of action sports and skill-building activities to provide under-served youth a new outlook on life and an opportunity to take part in the growing realm of action sports. From coast to coast, Stoked programs benefit high school youth by providing them with knowledge, experience, determination, and opportunity that might otherwise not be available to them.  You can stay up to date on Stoked to Serve clean-ups and events at or by following Stoked on Facebook ( and Twitter (

About Stoked

Stoked, a non-profit organization was founded on the belief that the courage and perseverance needed to learn action sports would be an ideal way to teach those life skills to youth from disadvantaged urban communities. Stoked’s mission is to empower youth from under-served communities to achieve a more successful future by providing programs based in action sports culture that result in personal development, academic achievement, positive relationships, and a healthy lifestyle. Stoked receives its funding from individuals, corporations, foundations. and special events annually. Founded in 2005 by Steve Larosiliere and Sal Masekela, the 501c3 organization operates in both New York and Los Angeles.

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